Fine Instrument Cases

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1.How much it cost?

If you order on line, you may check how much you have to pay to us for your requirement(your order) from our website. The cost included shipping cost to you house(door to door). You have to pay extra for import tax and VAT which is up to each country.

If you order to dealer, you have to check cost of the products with the dealer in your area. Product price may be different in each country due to shipping cost, import tax and VAT rate.


2.Which country the cases are made from?



3. What materials?

The first outer surface layer is PVC film, the layer is color and texture appearance.

The second layer is ABS Sheet.

The third layer is Polyurethane foam.

The fourth layer is ABS sheet.

The fifth layer is velvet fabric.


4. Are you ready to deliver every color cases?

We normally have all color cases in stock and ready for on line purchasing. Dealer who order many same color cases may take one or two weeks for producing.


5. What is the different of 4 lock model and 3 lock model? 

For Classical guitar cases, 4 locks model has one more lock and wider the foam pad under back but end.

For Dreadnought guitar cases and OOO/OM guitar cases, add one more lock for 4 Locks model.


6. What would be the cost of the case include shipping cost to my country?

 The price in the website is already included shipping cost to any country which is serviced by post.

7. How many days to deliver to customer?

We normally need couple working days for preparing documents and rechecking the goods before shipment.

For one or two piece order, we normally send the goods by post, may be International Pacel Air. Via International Parcel Air it take around 14-20 days to your door. In case that these two services are not available to send goods to your country, other forwarder services will be provided.


8. How is about taxes?

You have to pay for taxes and duty to your custom. Each country have their own tax rate. you may have to check these information. Post office staff may contact you for tax amount before sending you the products. 


9. Do these cases come with proper rings to attach backpack straps?

Yes, the cases come with the rings and the backpack straps are included as standard parts.

10. How huch is the case weight and dimensions inside of the case?

In the product page in our website, there is guitar case dimensions button to click.

you can find more details in the attached file linked.

11. Do you have any option to customers to select the color for interior material?

We have no options for color for interior material. 

12. I cannot choose my country when order from your website. How to do?

Please contact me back. I may add some country which is not in the list.

13. Does the case come with back straps?

Yes, the case come with two back straps.

14. Can you have the case cover on and still use the shoulder strap?

Yes, we have soft cover as option to buy and you still use the shoulder strap through the soft cover to the case D-rings.

15. What is the difference between the Premier guitar case and the Active guitar case?

Please find details in attached files. Premier VS Active Radar chart 

and Premier VS Active text .






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